Become A Distributor

The Process

Please fill out the form and I will call you to talk about options. There is currently no fee to become a distributor. There is essentially one distributorship for every 2 million people. In time, I am going to be transferring all the distributorships into franchises. They will be valued at approximately $65,000 each. 

Now, if you are coming to find me for the first time, let me share with you some industry information. We do not sell to stores for the most part. 

We have chosen to focus on retail-direct venues and by[ass all the rhetoric of dealing with stores. Since there are over 25,000 shows annually around the United States to pick from, there is quite a bit of work. If you do sign a contract to distribute my bottles, you have several options. You can private label my recipes or you can sell my brand. I’ll set you up with my designer and get your label looking as good as mine with it being all legal and appropriate. We can talk about this when we discuss your signing up. Now, I train my people EXACTLY like I sell at shows. I will guide you and teach you all the ins and outs to make sure you are as successful as I am. If it involves travel I do charge a small travel fee to cover expenses depending on what they are. If I’m flying you pay for that as well as the hotel. That’s it. Training is free. By the time I come to see you you are already booked into work and have your trademarks and licenses and things like that already taken care of. I can help you with all that. After all, if you are successful, then I will be successful right along with you. I have done over 5,000 days of work over 27 years and have worked all over the entire United States from California to Florida. You will also be set up with an additional setup of tables, tents, and displays. I provide you with all that in your initial $9,999 setup and license cost. In addition, I will have training videos on my Balsamics Anonymous YouTube channel. Please feel free to look at the videos already on there.